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  • Danger in Me3:25
  • Baby3:34
  • U-RITE3:12
  • Jason (feat. Nikki Flores)5:31
  • How Low3:21
  • Mad Love.4:04
  • The Unimaginable (feat. Robots & Balloons)3:42
  • 1013:23
  • King3:06
  • The Mexican (feat. Tom Morello & K.I.D.)3:48

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7Chariot is the professional alias of Nashville based artist and songwriter Claire Wilkinson. 20 year-old 7Chariot displays an ambitious, bass-driven pop sound, utilising intriguing vocal samples, booming drums and percussion, flecked with delicate brass sections. Inspired by the likes of Grimes, Sylvan Esso, Lorde and Regina Spektor, both singles show an exciting display of her talents, taking in a variety of intriguing influences.

Signed to London based indie label, øEøE (pronounced naughty naughty)

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-7Chariot is Produced and Mixed by our own

Josh "igloo" Monroy

-300,000+ plays in 4 weeks on Spotify alone!