Whether it's vocal overdubs or drum tracking, our diverse studios are built for any project.

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Every control room, isolation booth and live room is connected via microphone tie-lines, which creates ultimate versatility from project to project here at S t u d i o  1  Z E R O. Easily bounce from room to room, from the song writing and demo phase, to tracking, production and mixing, and then into the final mastering stage using our new Black BoxAudio's HG-2, a new one of a kind analog mastering unit and currently the only one available in the USA.



In-house production and songwriting with RIAA platinum certified producers.



Studio 1 Zero   
1350 N.Highland Ave                                                                                                                          

Los Angeles CA 90028



*Studio 1 Zero is open 7 days a week                                                                                                                                                                           Copyright Studio 1 Zero. All rights reserved.

Our Grammy award winning staff has an ear for every genre. Get the mix you deserve.


After of over a decade of working together, Luda and iGLOo have a special bond of friendship that only comes from helping one another mature creatively. Those experiences have helped them both to shape their respective careers and goals and Luda always stop by S t u d i o  1  Z E R O when he's in the LA area.