• U-RITE3:12
  • Jason (feat. Nikki Flores)5:31
  • How Low3:21
  • Mad Love.4:04
  • The Unimaginable (feat. Robots & Balloons)3:42
  • 1013:23
  • King3:06
  • The Mexican (feat. Tom Morello & K.I.D.)3:48
  • Danger in Me3:25
  • Baby3:34

About Studio 1 ZERO

No outdated recording consoles, and no wasted space. We started this studio with the modern artist and producer in mind, while also utilizing vintage recording techniques passed down to us from the likes of production greats such as David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel) and T Bone Burnett (Roy Orbison, Counting Crows) .  

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music production for a new generation


The team with the best players wins! Our goal is to bring only the brightest ideas to the table in an ever-changing industry, using proven marketing techniques combined with undeniable sonic quality and unique music production that's tailored exclusively for each artist.


15 Years of Grammy Award winning experience and over 20 RIAA certified Gold and Platinum records, with a proven success in Independent music markets.  


We believe that music is a collaborative process. No pre-made "tracks" here. Only the freshest, most cutting edge creativity from the best musicians and songwriters around in LA!


Seeing what other producers won't, and capturing what others can't. We want you to be YOU! No cookie-cutter artists allowed! Artists should be as unique and different as the Bowie's, Jackson's and Zepplin's of their time.