Eric Denniston is a two time Grammy nominated recording and mixing engineer, (Carole King and TGT) singer, and producer originally from the Bay area. He began his career in Los Angeles as a sound engineer at the legendary Village Studios, where he worked with a wide array of well known artists ranging from T Bone Burnett and John Alagia to 50 Cent. Recently Eric has been in the studio with Murs, Jamie Fox and Gza and signed a Publishing deal with Mushroom Music Publishing summer of 2017.

Chayce Whiting

Chayce aka Chaycin Change is an artist, songwriter and music producer who has a passion for artist development. His music has been featured on BET and was selected on the Deli's Hot Hip Hop artists of LA. He's been instrumental in the songwriting of artists Jonn Hart, Brielle and Jessica Jolia, and has cultivated the music and musical careers of rising stars J. Rabon, dancer for Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Brittney Spears, and actress Katlynn Simone (The Game, The QUAD,Ray Donovan) turned singer.  While working in house with Studio 1 Zero since their opening, Chayce has collaborated with highly motivated creative's and continues to release projects through his independent subsidiary, Inara Records (Distribution through powerhouse independent distributor, Empire Distribution).

Shaun "Szy" Mendoza-Pozywio (pronounced ss-eye) is an artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. He began his career in Chicago studying Urban Pop music at Columbia College, where he learned from, and performed with some of the most talented musicians in the city. After earning his bachelor's degree in music, he moved to Los Angeles where he has had music featured with McDonalds, Disney and has been in close collaboration with Studio 1 Zero’s development projects, working with such artists as 7Chariot, Stella Santana, Katlynn Simone and West Coast Weekend. SZY continues to develop his own artistry, and looks forward to lending his diverse musical skill set to others as well.

  • Jason (feat. Nikki Flores)5:31
  • U-RITE3:12
  • Mad Love.4:04
  • The Unimaginable (feat. Robots & Balloons)3:42
  • 1013:23
  • King3:06
  • The Mexican (feat. Tom Morello & K.I.D.)3:48
  • Danger in Me3:25
  • Baby3:34
  • How Low3:21

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IGLOO began his career in Atlanta GA as an engineer, where he worked with Elton John,  Shinedown

and eventually met Ludacris. He soon took over as head engineer of The LudaPlex, Ludacris' private production studio in Atlanta, where he continued to earn many platinum and gold certified records such as Justin Bieber's "Baby", as well as a Grammy for Rap Album of the Year with Ludacris himself. He signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and relocated to LA since 2010. His recent hit song with Walla - "101" has 30 million streams on Spotify alone, and has been featured on NFL Sunday Night Football, Apple Support hold music and Starbuck's own Spotify playlist. He produced the title track of JoJo's 2016 Mad Love on Atlantic Records, which debuted at #6 on the Billboard Hot 200. He's had music featured on ABC's hit TV series Black Box, JC Penny's, Arizona Jeans, The Simpson's, Acura, and Harley Davidson. He's currently developing new projects for release in 2018 and is on the lookout for new and interesting artists.

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