​Eric Denniston is a two time grammy nominated world class recording and mixing engineer, singer, and producer originally from the Bay area. He graduated in 2009 with his bachelors degree in Sound Arts and immediately began his career in Los Angeles as a sound engineer at the legendary Village Studios, where he worked with a wide array of well known artists ranging from Carole King to 50 Cent. It was there, he gained first hand experience with some of the finest engineers and producers in the business. In 2012 he began his journey as a freelance engineer, teaming up with producer Joshua "iGLOo" Monroy, fine tuning his craft, and soon after decided to build and open S t u d i o  1  Z E R O.

Joshua "iGLOo" Monroy


Chayce "Chaycin Change" Whiting is the Sales and Operations Manager for Studio 1 Zero as well as a songwriter and talent scout based out of the Los Angeles area. He has worked with some of today's hottest producers and artists and is  S t u d i o  1  Z E R O's eyes and ears of the regional music scene.

Zach "Ekzakt" Perry

​​Eric Denniston

Zach Perry is a tracking and mixing engineer as well as seasoned urban producer from the San Francisco Bay Area. After running a vocal tracking studio there in 2010, Zach decided to expand his business to Los Angeles in June of 2013. Zach quickly worked on several major releases including; Chris Browns “’Loyal’ ft. Too Short”, Pitbulls “Global Warming: Meltdown”, R Kelly ft. Kelly Rowlands “All the Way” Aswell as being an engineer, Zach also has produced records for several  urban music artists including: Too Short, Jadakiss, 2 Chainz, Mistah FAB, E-40, Iamsu! And many others.

iGLOo began his career as an engineer in Atlanta, where he worked with Elton John, Shinedown, Outkast and eventually met Ludacris. He soon took over as head engineer of The LudaPlex, Ludacris' private production studio in Atlanta, where he continued to earn many platinum and gold certified records, as well as a Grammy for Rap Album of the Year with Ludacris himself. He began producing artists through the LudaPlex and ulitmately signed a publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing and relocated to LA. He's recently had music featured on ABC's hit TV series Black Box, worked with American Idol Angie Miller on her upcoming EP, featured music for JC Penny's  Arizona Jeans commercial, produced The Voice star Melanie Martinez for her upcoming Atlantic Records EP, just to name a few. 

Staff Producers & Engineers

Chayce Whiting 
A&R/Writer from Sacramento, CA

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