Studio 1 Zero   
1350 N.Highland Ave                                                                                                                          

Los Angeles CA 90028



*Studio 1 Zero is open 7 days a week                                                                                                                                                                           Copyright Studio 1 Zero. All rights reserved.

We are flexible on our rates,especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings, as well as provide a private, yet intimate setting for our major label clients.


Please contact us directly  at for pricing.

Introducing the groundbreaking Black Box Audio Design HG-2, just debuted at AES this year, It's a revolutionary new stereo tube saturator and perfect for mastering or remastering your mix. It has a sound unlike anything we've ever heard and we are proud to stock the only one currently in the USA.



  • Studio A
  • Writing Room
  • GLOo's Suite


  • Single
  • EP discount
  • Album discount

*Mixing from an Instrumental?
*Mixing individual instruments as well as vocals?


Let S t u d i o  1  Z E R O guide your project every step of the way, from preproduction, songwriting and demos, to the full on ass kicking, speaker busting mastered production you've always wanted to hear. We have multiple producers specializing in a various genres, ranging from country to hip hop to EDM and jazz.