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Hip Hop legend GZA of the world famous Wung Tang Clan frequents the halls of Studio 1 ZERO and continues to leave his mark on the industry.

Common Kings

Melanie Martinez


Tank is a modern-day R&B legend and has worked almost exclusively with Eric for several years. Look out for new music from one of our Studio 1 ZERo Family members.

The Common Kings have just come off the Australian 20/20 Tour with Justin Timberlake and have worked extensively with iGLOo. Check out Kingdom Come co-written and produced by him.

Walla is an upcoming Indie band from Los Angeles who has had #1 and #6 placements on with iGLOo as well as coverage on MTV Buzzworthy, USA Today and featured in Billboard Magazine and JC Penny's commercials off that EP. 

Jamie Foxx

Fresh off The Voice, Melanie is now signed to Atlantic Records and currently working with iGLOo on her upcoming 2nd EP.


Carole King

Between his Oscar winning film roles, Jamie has been working with Eric and Zach at multiple locations around LA. 

Songwriting icon Carole KIng worked with Studio 1 ZERO owner Eric Denniston on Holiday Carole, her latest Christmas album. Enjoy "Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday", recorded by Eric.