LTD Les Paul
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Explorer
Fender Strat 60th Anniversary Edition
Fender Jazz Bass
Martin Acoustic

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier & 4x12 Cab

Upright Piano
1971 Rhodes MK1 
Black Box Audio HG-2
Roland Boutique JX and JU Keyboards
Roland JX 8P vintage keyboard

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Dangerous Audio Monitoring Station

Yamaha HS5 & HS8 Monitors

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Interface

Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton DAWs

Every Plug-In known to man 

Neve 1073 Preamp

API 512c Preamp

Avalon 737 Channel Strip

U47 Mic

BLUE Dragonfly Mic

BLUE Woodpecker Ribbon Mic

RE20 Mic

SM7 Mic

Gear List

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  • How Low3:21
  • Mad Love.4:04
  • 1013:23
  • The Unimaginable (feat. Robots & Balloons)3:42
  • King3:06
  • The Mexican (feat. Tom Morello & K.I.D.)3:48
  • Danger in Me3:25
  • Baby3:34
  • U-RITE3:12
  • Jason (feat. Nikki Flores)5:31